Long swim Monday: You may NOT pass go!

Splash palaceYep, it moved along a few days!

I was presented with a new ‘problem’ today. My lap counter has given up the ghost, I have ordered another. But, I have a feeling that it is a UK company, so I could be waiting three weeks or more for it to reach me. I need an interim plan.

I actually didn’t know what that was, and decided to just go for a swim today, till I got booted out. I went at this time last week and was asked to move at 3:30pm to the other side of the bulk head, due to swimming lessons. Today I was expecting the same, but when I arrived, they were jus changing the boards, and putting lanes in. Great news, I had arrived after the last school left, and well before the swimming lessons. This meant I got a lane that I knew I wouldn’t have to move out of. Good news.

I decided I would start off by counting, and use my old visualisation technique. Imagine the computer superimposed number on the floor, like you see on the TV. To be honest, I got bored after about ten. I much prefer to just swim, and think of nothing much. I won’t be counting lengths in a lake, after all, will I?!

So, then I decided to swim for 1 hour 20 minutes, roughly the time it normally takes for 4km. Much better. I noticed after a wee while, that I could see the sweep hand of the lap counter clock at the end of the lanes when I turned, you know the one that just counts to 60 seconds? So, I decided to use that to periodically check my pace every so often to make sure I was staying roughly consistent.

Then a guy got in the next lane. At this stage i was about 2/3 through my swim. To be honest I usually ignore those around me, because I’m in the pool so long that many people get in and get out! This guy though, was not far off the same speed. If anything, a smidgen faster. This didn’t bother me, until he ended up just behind, alongside. I could see he was trying to pass. My first reaction would be to let him, after all distance is my goal, but no! That’s giving up! I decided if he wanted to get past he would need to work hard for it! It took him 7 lengths of an incredibly similar speed adjacent swim before he finally edged in front. Ha! I thought. It I wasn’t swimming 160 lengths I would have given him a chase, but I knew that would be daft.

Anyway, it had the desired effect, he stopped to gasp for air at the end of the next length, then got out!

On I swam, uninterrupted, and completed the 1 hour 20.

Excellent! Use the distractions around you to your advantage, that’s my motto!

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