Time warp: meet yourself ten years ago…?

time-warp‘Present day you meets ten years ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.’

How interesting! If I could actually do this, there’s a ton of things I would say!

Here it all is, in chronological order.

The best decision I made in my 30’s was to get fit. I waited till I was 36 though, I would say do it now. You will love it, it will transform your life. In fact, you will compete internationally in triathlon for a number of years and get the opportunity to travel the world. You will never look back.

Your proudest most rewarding moments will be representing your country in both European and world championships. You will be an inspiration to others having come from fat and unfit to international athlete. It will seem surreal at first, but savour it, injury will cut it short. But that’s OK, the injury enables you to explore other sports that you may otherwise never even have considered.

You have been having doubts about teaching for a while now. Get out. It won’t change, and you will waste a further ten years wondering about it before leaving anyway. It will be scary, but it will be OK and it will be the best decision you ever make. It doesn’t mean failure, it means you are opening up new avenues of opportunity for growth in different directions. You will find that it opens all sorts of other avenues of possibility to do things that you WANT to do.

Spend time with your parents. Mum always says this, and tells you that life is short. She will never know how right she is. She will be given her angel wings far too soon, and really suddenly. There is no time to waste, so use it all and use it wisely. When the time is near, don’t listen to any doctors or anything, who will tell you it will be OK, you have plenty of time. You don’t. As soon as you find out, go to her immediately and stay there with her till the end. If you don’t do this, you will spend a long time blaming yourself for not being there for her.

You have been thinking about emigration for a while, wondering if it is the right thing to do. It is, and you will not regret it. It will be the hardest, yet best thing you will do, but have faith, it does work out. You are a strong person, you have the strength to step blindly into a new life on another continent, and it will change your whole outlook on life. Sport and the outdoors will become your pastime enjoyment and you will find a balance at last between work and play. Keep an open mind with work though, because this will lead you to avenues you don’t expect. Don’t rely on teaching. It may get you there, but you won’t want to stay in it, if you haven’t already changed career. Your husband will be your rock as always, don’t forget to thank him regularly!

Happiness is paramount, and live for today. Life is short, shorter than we think, and there isn’t a moment to waste.

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