Balancing the metabolism: gym gym gym

Gym Snatching the time I have, and continuing my pledge to do exercise every day, I went to the gym for a 45 minutes today, to continue my effort to rebalance myself! The hazards of being a rower!

When I returned to regular gym work, it was evident that I had been neglecting balanced training. My quads were 30-40kg weaker than my ham strings, and my triceps were (and still are) way stronger than my biceps.

I know this is all back to front, so I have been doing regular strength work to correct it.

In order to stay injury free, it’s important that we employ a balanced training regime, it also helps boost metabolism and therefore increase fat burning efficiency.

It had been a while when I first returned. DOMS were back, which was a sign of neglect, but now that’s abated, which is a good sign. Today I managed to even out the weight between my quads and hams, which was massively imbalanced at first. I have been using the heaviest suitable weight on hams, and keeping it the same, whilst increasing the weight on he quads gradually till they caught up.

Now for the triceps! It’s a poor show when you start off lifting 50kg with your triceps and only 20kg with biceps! Let’s just say, I won’t ever have bingo wings! Oops! I still have a way to go, but that’s what I’m currently working on.

But then, this is a product of being a swimmer/rower. All the muscles don’t get equal exercise, which makes this all the more important.

Why do I use cables? I know I have knee stability issues that aren’t repairable. Free weights are better, for sure, but much more dangerous for me.

I used to poo poo the cable weights, but now I feel their benefit more than ever.

Even if it’s only 30 mins a week, strength work is key to maintaining fitness, and staying injury free.

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