Life is too short to….

Life is too shortExcellent daily post: The point is to finish this and then write a post – Life is too short to…

Theres many I could add but there’s one that comes straight to my mind:

Life is too short to waste time being unhappy

Life is finite. This isn’t a dress rehearsal. We don’t know how long our own movie is, or when it will end. It could be today, tomorrow, next month, or 50+ years from now.

We always have bucket lists, dreams and desires, but often decide for ourselves that dreams is where they will stay. We spend time wishing we had things we didn’t, and wishing we didn’t have things that we do have. We wish our lives away or spend time stressing about things that have already happened that we cannot change.

Life is short. None of us know when our time is up. Even when we find out, sometimes we will get only days notice, or maybe no notice. I do not want to be whisked from this earth with any regrets whatsoever.

I will live a full, happy life. I will fill my life with things that make me feel happy. My dreams will have goals and plans to make them happen. I will do things I love, in work and in personal life. I will live in the now.

I will show the people that are close to me that I care about them. I will take charge of keeping connections with friends. I will talk, rather than cause conflict, I will problem solve, I will live in the NOW.

I will make the most out of situations presented to me, whether they are expected or unexpected.

I will meet my maker, satisfied that I didn’t waste a moment, but instead, had a helluva ride!

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