Stepping into the unknown: dare you?

IMG_5497-0 This is such a true quote. How many times have you caught yourself saying things like I wish I had chosen a different career, I wish I had… I wish I could…?

What if I said you can?

The fear of less than what you know is certain is all that is stopping you.

I chose to stop working as a teacher. I wanted to commit more fully to coaching. This meant taking a much less paid part time job while building the business. It was a huge step into financial uncertainty, the black hole of the unknown. Would it work? How will I know unless I try? Making a different decision doesn’t mean I also have to burn my bridges too. Perhaps I’ll hate it. Perhaps I’ll love it. But wouldn’t it be worse if I just stayed in a job I hated just because?

As it happens it’s mighty weird, but very freeing of the mind, and Althing scary, I’m glad I have made the first step.

Now, what will your first step be?

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