Executing slightly longer sprints

Swim50m pool sprints? Easy: tank it to the max all the way, right!? Well, not quite, specially if you’re doing a consistent series of reps.
The purpose of sprints is to get our bodies used to slightly more load, training ourselves to go faster. The best way to execute this is with consistent reps. This also teaches us to internalise pacing, and ‘feel’ it rather than be distracted by an external source – aka the watch, while learning how to maintain pace when tired.

So, how do we manage that with 100m?

I found this one slightly more difficult to judge pace and keep reps consistent. Till I discovered what I was doing wrong; thinking too much about the extra 50m.

When I simply treated it as another sprint just like the 50m, my pace became more consistent.

Imagine the rep (and the set) to be a slippery hill. Things are getting gradually harder as you fatigue, therefore you need to make sure your first one feels easy and the last real hard, gradually increasing in difficulty. This goes for the lengths within the reps as well as the reps within the set. If you adopt this strategy instead of a bull at a gate from rep one, you WILL maintain the consistency in the reps. This means you can learn how to do the same in the race too.

Today, my reps were all within 2.5 seconds, perfect! Took practice though!

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