Settling the argument: fast or slow for fat burn?

Hare and tortoiseImagine this: you only have limited time today, what type of exercise session is best for fat loss?

I grab time where I have it. It doesn’t always work out like I want it to, I would LIKE a 2 hour bike session because everyone says long slow exercise is the best way to burn fat. But today I only have 30 minutes. What should I do?

its true, long slow exercise at cardio level. Where you aren’t gasping for breath and could carry on for a while is the best for fat burning, it’s at that intensity that our bodies burn fat for energy.

A higher intensity session causes our bodies to burn carbohydrate for fuel: the demand is too great for fat to be efficient enough a fuel at high demand. However, in calories terms, short higher intensity exercise burns more calories than the same amount of time at low intensity.

Therefore, if you only have 30 minutes and want to know how best to use your time for fat burning – work that butt off with high intensity intervals!

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