Building my own time machine!?

Time machineWhen I saw this daily post, it got me thinking all sorts of things from time machines, to bending time space and all sorts of odd tangents! 

The very first thing I thought was speeding up time during my ghastly 30 hr intercontinental flight from here in New Zealand, back to England to visit family and friends. I thought it would have been useful for me on 23 June 2013 but then I remembered, if it speeded up time, would it just be MY time, or everyone’s? Still, not having to sit through a 30 hour flight to visit family would be helpful!

My weekly 4km swim. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could speed those152 lengths up, but then, what would be the fun in that it would kind of defeat the object of the session!

Then I tried to think of something the opposite, what would I like to slow down? My wedding day. It went past in such a flash (like many people warned me it would) that I wish it could have lasted longer, it was such a great day.

If I was being sensible, I wouldn’t do either. Time ticks for a reason. It’s up to us to make the most of every moment that we are given on this earth.

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