Invercargill RC sprint regatta race report

Sprint regatta set up From distance racing to a sprint, this would be a complete contrast to last week, and a similar distance to the Bluff Regatta a few weeks ago.

Regatta number three marks a true sign that the racing season is under way, and it’s now a full year since I took up rowing. That means that I will no longer be able to race as a novice. Darn it!

I haven’t really done much rowing at this intensity, all out full tilt go for it. It proved to be a very different type of hard work to last week! I was in three races, women’s double, mixed quad and mixed four. The difference between quad and four is the number of oars: quads have two each, fours have one each. This means that the boats need to be re-rigged between the races, as rigging for a four is completely different. Have a look in the video, you can see the difference in race number three.

In masters, certainly at the start of the season, you just make crews based on who turns up on the day, so it keeps you on your toes!

Pour lack of speed fitness showed in the doubles race, but it was the quad that was the most interesting. I was in seat number 3 (numbered from the front, as the boat travels through the water). I’m usually at no2 so it was a nice new prospective! The two men were behind me, and iris in front was setting the stroke speed, and steering (with her foot / shoe, which is attached to the rudder). That was, until she caught a crab! That’s rowing terms for cocking up on your stroke / blade angle and losing the oar, which can dig into the water and shoot out of your hand, and over your head (as it did in this instance). We recovered and carried on, I continued to set the stroke until Iris sorted herself out again. I call to say she’s ok again, and we set about the chase.

The GoPro is slightly too high on my head for a lot of the video, but in this one you can see the boat over to the left that I keep looking at, I notice we are catching it, so I call for ten on. Then call for it to go to the line! The blokes were cursing me, but we did it, we took second! We may even have contested for 1st had we not had the mishap, but that’s ok, we recovered remarkably well. It’s not unusual to actually never get the oar back, due to the boat speed. So well done Iris!

Race 3 was 4’s. It isn’t something we practice that much, so it was always going to be interesting! The crew changed again, and it’s imperative that everyone pulls evenly and level through the stroke, or the boat will wobble. All that considered, and a crew combo that don’t usually row together, I thought we did well in fact.

All in all a good day, and a nice start to the racing season proper!

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