Trust, hope: making my future

IMG_5307 This was perfect for summarising my day today. I have been wondering if choosing a change in the name of happiness was actually wise, till I saw this quote. I have been on a happiness drive, cleansing the body and soul and making a life built on things that I enjoy, rather than things I feel I end to do.

Then I looked at the bank balance. I had to think for a moment why I chose this path, look at my journal and remind myself that I have found first hand that money does not in fact buy me happiness, I have already tried that.

Trust and faith, that’s what I need to remember. Starting and building change isn’t easy, or everyone would do it all the time. Remaining true to self is the key most important thing.

Focus on the end goal, and the small steps to get you there. When things seem tough, it’s because you are thinking too global, and you need to chunk back down again.

Remember your plan, path, and reasons, be true to yourself.

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