The butterfly effect: all interconnected

ButterflyThis prompt asked me to speculate in what if’s, one small thing that if changed could change my life trajectory. The thing is, I don’t like to speculate: I prefer to create.

Some things I haveĀ changed recently so far:

  • Country of residence: less pressure, financial and spacial.
  • Job /career – more happiness, more spare time, less stress
  • Sport: injury won’t restrict me, I adopt a ‘can do’ attitude. My forced retirement from international level triathlon has created a tramping and competitive rowing opportunity that I would not have otherwise considered.
  • Outlook on life: happiness is the most important element, you cannot take material goods with you, and life is short. We never know how short.

What what I have still got to change: my change ‘to do’ list

  • More holidays that are actual proper relaxation holidays. This will be fixed when I have completed all my courses and the career change.
  • The knee. Nothing I can do about it at all, but if I was wishing here for a moment, I wish I didn’t know what lies ahead of me with that.

Life is what you make of it. And actually, I am almost there with my wish list. My bubble of happiness is not far from complete.

How’s your bubble of happiness?

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