Tortoise and hare theory: how to go faster

Hare and tortoiseToday I went for a swim and the plan was to do 100m sprint reps. I applied the above theory and the results were conclusive.

I noticed the last few times I have done these reps that although I can easily keep all my reps within 5 seconds of each other, the first and last length are always vastly different. I wondered if I could get even more consistency and go faster still.

I did the first one as normal. The first and last lengths were 7 seconds different.

The next one, I decided to start of easy, and focus on not bolting like a bull at a gate. The first and last were 1 second different, but this time the third length was the slow one. Oops.

This time, the focus was on an easy(ish!) start, an build the effort each length. This worked better, and the last was 1 second faster than the first, but now 2 was too slow. I forgot to take into account fatigue.

Fourth time, I had another go, it takes practice to get the pacing so precise per length. I cracked it this time, all the same bar 1, which was only 1 second different. This rep was 7 seconds faster than the first one, and the fastest of them all.


Consistency, and I mean laser accuracy consistency in pacing and you WILL go faster over all.

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