Baby steps are better than no steps!

No excuseI was talking to a friend recently, and we were talking about how recent life pressures had prevented us from doing the exercise that we usually do. It got me thinking. How best to use time?

I used to think that anything under an hour was a waste of time. But now, I
maximise the precious time that I do have, in a bid to still keep the life balance whilst also fitting in exercise.

Like I was saying to my friend, 20 mins on the stationary trainer a couple of times a week is way better than 1.5 hours once a month. What would be the best thing to do with your time though?

Two top tips how to save time in your workout

Superset opposite muscle group exercises at the gym, and work to failure rather than light weights and high reps. I can get the whole lot into 15-20 mins and do it as I pass on the way home from the swimming pool, or something. I hate the gym but know its essential!

Sprints instead of distance. this works for cycling, running, or swimming. If you don’t have as long as you would like, do short speed reps, and fit in as many as you can with as short a recovery as you can manage. Works your aerobic base and endurance strength too, all in one.

No excuses, squeeze it into those spare minutes!

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