Long Swim Saturday: a new plan

swim lanes This is the 5th week I have done the 4km swim. I now have a plan that gets me through the 4km, without counting laps, obsessing over how far I have done, and doubting if I can get to the end. So now for a new plan.

I now need to decide how I am going to speed myself up out of the 4km easy pace, into something like race pace.

i know I can complete the distance. I know that sometimes I have a 2/3 distance low spot, sometimes a shoulder ache at the start that goes away, and I now know that I finish easily enough. So, now for some pace.

Thing is, I haven’t yet decided how to inject it. At the moment I use my surroundings, so if someone gets in the lane, I speed up, if i’m alone, I probably slow down. Most of the time I can see the clock, which is what I look at rather than the lap counter.

I’m thinking I perhaps should add just a tiny increase, but how to do that without looking at the lap counter.

My first idea is to block the swim into 20 minute segments, then do 20 on (slight increase) 20 off.

Hmm, I’ll keep you updated

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