The beauty you seek might be right beneath your feet

How far have you come Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We spend so much time moving the goal posts, looking forwards to what we would still like to achieve, that we forget to keep things in perspective. 

In order to see our whole path, and realise our goals, we also need to appreciate how far we have come to get to this point, all the things we have actually achieved, then you might find that the eternally moving goals that we se ourselves might actually already be under our noses.

I have always said that I would love to have an outdoors lifestyle. My last year has been very tough in New Zealand on many different levels. I have had a lot to contend with on a lot of levels in my personal life. I didn’t actually realise until recently, that I already have that outdoors lifestyle, and wasn’t even appreciating it.

Whenever we have some time spare, we go out looking for somewhere to go tramping, running, biking, camping, something in the great outdoors. That wasn’t the case in England. I’m not sure when it changed, or how, or why. I see friends in England visiting various places and I constantly think wow, I haven’t even been there, how shameful is that! I am constantly asked about English places I haven’t been, by friends here in New Zealand.

Equally, here in New Zealand, I have already been places that some locals haven’t been, and I haven’t even done anything that isn’t out of the reach of a car drive.

What does that tell us? 

Sometimes – actually quite often, we fail to realise the beauty of what is right under our noses because we are too focused on the future, on what we aspire to that we haven’t got.

Look beneath you and within you. You might find that you have more than you realise.

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