Boxing for beginners: I survived!

BoxingAs part of my PT qualification I have to complete 20 hours of a variety of classes, to enable me to make in informed judgement when advising clients. Makes sense really. So this week I decided to try boxing. I have never in my life done anything like boxing, so had no idea what to expect.

It was a sparring class really. (I think that is what they call it!) the disadvantage for me was there was an odd number of people in the class, so I got to pair with the instructor. This meant that. Got no rest, whereas everyone else was swapping between boxing, and holding the pads.

It was like a circuit, with a variety of hit combinations, for example LLR, LRLR, and so on.

After the serious aches in the circuits class, I was warned that it can really hurt with DOMS the next day if it’s your first time. I expected the worst.

During the class, my shoulders fatigued at first, but after warmed up, I felt ok, and it eased a bit. Much like when I am warming up when swimming.

I was told that unusually, my left arm was stronger (I am right handed), even when stood on a side stance with the left leg in front. Apparently that isn’t normal. Oh well, I’m not normal either!

It was a good workout, I worked up a sweat and although I was reasonably ok, my shoulders knew that they had dome some work! We didn’t bounce around or change position, because of my knee, but that was what they others were doing, to keep the target moving around.

This type of class would be good for:

  • Building shoulder strength
  • Workouts for people with lower limb injuries

An excellent class and something completely different from what I would usually do!

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