Most popular health and fitness questions: answered

questionToday, inspired by the daily post, is thought I would answer some of the most popular questions I usually hear or get asked, in relation to training, fitness and nutrition. 

I hate the gym, it’s boring, what’s the point of going there?

gym or strength work is vital for maintaining muscle, helps with increasing bone density, maintainining a healthy active metabolism. Gym work doesn’t have to be onerous I do mine as supersets and only take 20 minutes tops.

I want to lose weight but hate diets. How do I go about it?

Weight (or rather fat) loss is a simple formula: gaining weight means you are putting more fuel in than you are expending in energy, so simply a combination of more active lifestyle and healthy eating of slightly smaller portions will go a long way to helping you get to your weight goal.

I am a long distance runner, so what is the point of sprint training?

Sprint training does a few things for you. It helps you extend your top level endurance for starters. Imagine you are a car that only has a top level speed of 70kmph. Each time you drive at 50-60kmph it will sound like hard work, won’t be comfortable, or sustainable if you don’t want to burn out the engine. Running is much the same.

Sprint training helps to increase muscle strength and Lactic threshold endurance. It helps you lose fat, increase fast twitch muscle fibres and develops hearth health. Not to mention increasing mental toughness, creating positive endorphins and a multitude of other things!

I am short of time, what is the best way of getting fit, a steady or hard workout?

If time is precious, a hard paced workout is better than a steady one. More fat burned, more energy expended, more strength gained in the shorter time. This isn’t the case of course on a long term basis, variety is important.

If there are any other questions you would like me to answer, comment below or email me and I will cover them in another blog post some time soon.

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