Still paying in pain: new event planned!

imageOops. Well that’s all I can say. Honestly, the box jumps on Wednesday really didn’t seem too bad, and when I got pain I stopped. Still, that clearly wasn’t anywhere near enough, because it have been paying in pain ever since.

I executed my 4km swim on Friday just fine, but I was still having to take pain killers today, which tells me I seriously overestimated my limitations. Anyway, life is too short to stay immobile so Panadol it was (two days now, but I have been assured they’re the safest pain killers) and onwards and upwards.

I have been tramping today, we covered 10km, and timed the pace with a garmin. Why? Because we have decided (OH and I) to complete the hump ridge track in November. It’s all booked. It’s a 3 day hike, each night you stay at a hut (gas only, no electric, access only by foot) and have to cover around 20km a day. So, we wanted to see how fast our walking pace was to see if we would manage it ok.

I know that today’s terrain is considerably flatter, but we covered the 10km in 2:5 hours (exactly twice as fast as the signs suggested it should take) so ewe should be just fine.

Next step, to go with a pack, so I can get used to carrying weight. We have booked to hire bedding but we will need to take all food, clothing etc with us for three days, so best get used to carrying stuff!

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