Lift weights, get slim!

fat-v-muscleI was having this conversation the other day with someone, which prompted me to blog about this topic: I am sure I have already but that doesn’t matter.

There seems to be a myth over strength training in the gym.

Exercise increases the capacity of our muscle to oxidise fat. (Melanson et al, 2009) muscle weighs more than fat. Therefore, if we exercise and burn off our excess fat, we gain muscle, and therefore perhaps are not any lighter, but lose inches.

Also we have to consider our base metabolic rate (BMR). This is the rate at which out body burns fat at rest. The fitter we are, the more muscle we have, the more efficient our bodies are at burning fat.

Therefore, when I say I am going back to the gym, I mean I am toning up my engine, and aim to increase fitness and lose inches by increasing muscle mass.

I hope that now makes sense. You will NOT become huge by going to the gym, providing you do the correct programme, set by an exercise professional.

2 Comments on “Lift weights, get slim!

  1. Great Post. I have posted the same info on my blog and facebook page. Sometimes its really hard for people to understand this. What I dislike the most is when people say “I just want to tone not gain muscle” Tone is not a magical word lol It is gaining muscle and losing the bad body fat. lol

    • Hahaha exactly. It’s quite frustrating that the one thing that is best for fitness is the thing people starting out on their fitness journey seem to be most afraid of. You’re right. I hear that ‘toned’ comment a lot also!

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