Sprint swim Tuesday: I do have muscle memory?

swim lanesToday was my second go at 15x50m. I also went to the gym yesterday, and (great news) the DOMS weren’t as bad as last week. That’s a relief, I could hardly lift a hair brush!

The 400m kicks also seem easier, surely I am not getting the fitness back that fast? Maybe I am.

I thought I had a fixed idea in my mind of what the target pace felt like, but when I completed rep 1 it was a second too slow. Oops. Perhaps my push it pace is now a little higher than I thought. The first one, interestingly was the same split time as the first week I returned to sprints, but this time, it felt too easy. This is only week 3! So, I pushed a little more, boom, target time. But it still wasn’t flat out. I think my fitness has notched up a wee bit. After I got into the swing of how it felt this week I was able to focus and keep all the reps the same, exactly. Even the last 5, which tailed off last week, on their first introduction. Wowee, perhaps my muscles do have some memory after all. That does surprise me! Hahaha

I haven’t yet decided whether I will add reps, shorten the recovery , or extend the distance of the reps next time. I’ll have a think.

All in all, Happy Tuesday. Until I returned to my car to find someone had left me a huge dent in the side.

Brilliant way to crash back to earth. Not.

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