Long ride: regaining the mojo

Bike I have been working hard to regain my mojo and get my fitness back these last few weeks.

Although I didn’t get my ride to Riverton in, as I had planned, today started with wall to wall blue skies, so I decided to grab the chance to go out for a ride. 

Earlier in the week, the weather prevented me, rendering me to melt into the carpet on turbo based sprints!

With a challenging start to 2014, and only recently regained work life balance, I know I have my work cut out, and that it is still early doors. But, I have dragged my butt from the ground up once, this mountain is nowhere near as high. That is why I KNOW I will succeed.

The TT bike is way more comfortable over longer distances so that’s why I have elected to start using it again. The plan was to head out onto my usual loop. There are several opportunities to turn off along the way, but I was hoping that I would feel good enough to get all the way round the full extended loop, further than my usual route. And that’s how it went. I felt strong, the speed was good, the sun was shining.

I simply enjoyed being out in the sunshine with the wind in my hair. It was only today that I realised that entirely all of my sporting career has been spent on external goals, and not on personal ones. From when I first took up sport, the goal has been results. After only my second real triathlon I already had my sights on GB. From there, it was all about results. Not at all about me. Of course I enjoyed it, but that was not my motivator.

I was shocked when I realised this today. I have struggled with sport over the time since I was forced to retire. If I look at the global picture, I have succeeded in the area that I simply did because I enjoyed it. I didn’t even realise that till today either. What am I talking about? Rowing. Two silvers and two golds in my first year. Wow. Never once did I do a regatta to win, I did it for fun, the winning was a bonus.

its kind of like a dawning realisation for me today. I have been very focused on my swimming, almost all the time, even in the face of adversity when I gave up mostly everything else. Why? Because I enjoy it.

It’s time I looked at the whole picture in the same way. I cycle because I enjoy it. I swim because I enjoy it. I row because I enjoy it. I will go back to the gym again to work out because I like to look good. Why else would I do it? Now it’s time for me. My motivator is right here inside me. I just hadn’t realised it until today.

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