Psychology of the long swim: yet another approach!

Pool I think this is my favourite one so far. Today I had contact lenses in, and was in a lane close to the clock. 

I have to say, I was not really feeling like a swim this morning, DOMS from yesterday’s unexpected gym session. Still, it’s only training and after all, Mel, it actually doesn’t matter about the time, it’s all about the distance in the arms, so to speak!


So, I could see the clock clearly. The pool was relatively empty, so today I decided not to look at the lap counter at all. After all, I wouldn’t be stopping to look at the watch in the actual race, would I?! So, I could see that I started at around 8:25am, that means I would be finished at roughly 9:35-9:40. There was no need to look at the lap counter until then. At the bulk head end of my lap I could see the clock clearly when I breathed to the right. I divided the time down in my mind into 10-15 minute segments. Then just let the mind float. There wasn’t much else happening to distract me, so I just swam. When the scheduled time I had predicted, I looked a the lap counter, as planned. Awesome! I only had 10 lengths to go, the time had flown past.


I like this way of doing things, because it takes the focus away from how much more still needs to be done, which is all I focus on if I look at the lap counter; how many more there still is, to get to the target.

I think I will use this strategy again.

Overall time, roughly the same as normal despite feeling really achy!

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