Adaptable Thursday: the execution of plan F!

Gym Don’t you just love it when nothing quite goes to plan? Well that roughly sums up today for me! 

When I got up this morning, the sun was shining and the forecast was good. I decided to go for a bike ride. I might even go all the way to Riverton rocks, who knows.

After getting side tracked by some admin, I looked t and the weather had changed. That’s ok, I will change my route, there’s lots of local loops that you can lengthen or shorten if the weather changes.

I got a call asking me to go down for a meeting at my gym. I have been trying to find a personal trainer who is willing to be my mentor for the duration of my PT course, without luck so far. So, a light at the end of this tunnel meant drop everything and go down there. Luckily I hadn’t yet started the bike ride.

Oh well, perhaps if I put on gym gear too, I could kill two birds with one stone? Perhaps I can do the bike ride later.

When I got there, the manager wasn’t there. Dammit. Oh well, very to plan C. I went on into the gym and decided to do a workout till she got back. If I was done before she returned, then I would just go and talk to another gym instead. It should only take 15 minutes.

The workout

I usually superset, but I haven’t done strength for a while. So I decided to just do regular 3×10 on the cable machines. I figured out a weight that was sufficient that meant that I could just about complete ten. This time I wrote it down so I could start where I left off next time I visited. Wow, that was a learning curve. You know you’re a swimmer when… you can lift 20kg more with your triceps than with biceps! Oops! Plus, lifting weight directly above my shoulders: rubbish! No wonder – you don’t need that for swimming, rowing or cycling! I was actually enjoying the hard work so I extended the workout. Perhaps my mojo is actually returning?

It ended up being a harder workout than I thought, but then, that makes you feel like you have actually done some work! It’s also nice to know that I do have some base fitness due to all my other sports, and that I have not turned into mrs puniverse! I pass by on the way home from the pool tomorrow so I could pop in then too, as long as I remember this time!

Added bonus: the manager returned before I left and I managed to sort out a PT mentor also. Trip worthwhile after all!

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