How do you manage your information filters?

NLp model“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein
Do you agree?

What an interesting daily post.

Through our senses, we collect and process over 11 billion bits of information per second. That’s a LOT of information. Isn’t it just as well then, that a lot of that we dismiss, much of the processing does not require our conscious thought, or we really would go mad.

Do you think about the mechanics of breathing in and out? Do you often get to work and forget some of the journey like you went onto ‘autopilot’ and don’t know consciously how you got to a certain point? Our brain is a wonderful thing.  It learns a lot of functions, so that we do not have to sort it all out ourselves, that would white simply be rather overwhelming.

Our mind does something similar. Look at the diagram above. We process a lot of information. Our mind also sifts that for us through filters. These filters are determined by our past life experiences and beliefs, decisions and memories. That is how experiences are processed.

So, for example, that car crash where everyone told the policeman a slightly different story? They could all have been right. The reason is because all the people would have different filters therefore the experience will have been recorded as a memory slightly differently in each person.

So, back to the quote at the top. Do I agree? That depends on how you choose to occupy your conscious mind, you can help it, or hinder it.

Either way, all that information you receive every second is already filtered by our brain and our unconscious mind.

The body is a wonderful thing.

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