50m sprints swim day: ADD 5!

Swim Today is sprint reps day and today I decided to add 5.

In total it would be 3 x 5 x 50m. As always – I am exercising the 5 second rule, only a 5 second margin of error for all the times. 

The first is always a pace setter. I haven’t quite got the judgement right. I set off too slow, result 2 seconds slower than my target time. Oops. Get a shift on Mel! I decided to switch straight to 2 stroke breathing. That seemed to work. The next 3 were at the target time, and the fifth as one second faster. There was only tenths of seconds between them. That’s better.

I remembered to focus on kick as well as arms, strong pull, strong kick, give just a tiny bit more, it will be ok. Numbers 5-10 were all exactly the same, and at the target time. But fatigue was noticeable. I was having to dig in further in the last 50m in order to maintain the time.

Then I was moved lanes. There was a water polo game booked. That threw me. The next one, same as the first and 2 seconds slower than the target. But, the shoulders were now screaming, I was kicking as hard as I could to help them out! No 12-14 all one second faster, just 1 second outside the target. There really was nothing else I could give. I was impressed I was maintaining the times as well as I had. The last one, same pace as the first.

Total result: just a 3 second margin of error. Great. Need to practice that again before I add more reps, I think!

Essential reverse rotation back stroke to finish. It took me a while to muster the energy to climb out!

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