The long swim: adapt or flail!

(C) Daily Mail UK
(C) Daily Mail UK

It is long swim day today, 4km. I have written about this a few of my previous times. Today I had another variable to contend with: where’s the clock!

I opted for the diving end of the bulk head today, it’s quieter down there, and I went to the pool at the time I knew the swim squad would be leaving, two I could get a quiet lane.

Having previously blogged about this, I knew that my tired arm syndrome would abate at around 25 lengths, so I ignored the watch and the lap counter today, until I felt the aches subside. It was 30 lengths today. Then I just swam. Then I discovered I wasn’t near the clock. Oh! The clock was what I was basing myself off last time. So, I just swam for a while. I was in a lane on my own, but the guy in he next lane recognised me and wanted to chat. I stopped to readjust my goggle, which is normal till they settle down, and he started a conversation. I don’t want to appear rude so I responded. I had to look at the lap counter so I knew how much time I should knock off at the end. I wish I hadn’t, only 34 laps!

I kept on going, knowing that quite some considerably time needed to pass yet. I guy got into my lane and get a while, but he was considerate and stopped to let me pass. 74 lengths. Then I noticed that I COULD see the clock. JUST. because I was at the other end, I was looking at it at a distance, but out of my good eye. So I gave myself 30 mins before I would next look at the lap counter. That worked, and is once again overcame my dark 90’s. I was well into the 100’s when I next checked.

Today, the last 30 felt like 90! My arms were so tired, I was losing time. Then I realised. Focus on the legs Mel! No wonder the arms were tired!

Set complete. A tiny it slower, but that’s ok. I have 4 months yet before challenge Wanaka, plenty of time.

I did 200m back stroke to warm down reverse rotation, and by golly did that hurt!

Well earned morning pancakes today! I feel like monkey arms!

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