Weekly Photo challenge: An unrepeatable sporting challenge

tough mudder 2012 Let me set the scene for this photo. I had just come back from the Triathlon World championships in Auckland, which I was advised NOT to do due to upcoming knee surgery that was scheduled  for the DAY AFTER the Tough Mudder race.

I ended up in the race quite by accident. At the time, I wrote for Sport Sister magazine. I received an email that was sent out to all the writers asking for a volunteer to do the event and review it. I said yes, thinking I could get my husband to do it, he loved that kind of thing. Then I thought for a moment. Dammit. Sport SISTER. I would need to do it!! Its a 13 mile tough as, obstacle race which took place in the middle of winter, and included a complete under water lake obstacle. Honestly, it nearly broke me!!

I had the operation the next day hoping he would ask no questions regards all the scrapes I had on my knees!! Fabulous adventure, but I am thankful that I can now not run, preventing me from repeating the experience! 😉

This is our finish photo, and here is my own more comprehensive race review. It took me about a week to get warm again and get all the mud out of everywhere!

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