Is the world your oyster? It is mine!

happiness I had one of those realisation moments yesterday. You know the moment that springs out of the blue and you think ‘Is this really my life?’.

I was driving back from Forest Hill reserve, I had been tramping as a break from study. As I drove towards home, I passed the sign for the town boundary, I have driven and cycled past it many many times before. This time though, I looked at the sign which simply read ‘Invercargill – 80kmph’. I thought wow. Is this really my life? Am I really living here?

Sometimes we forget what is under our noses because we get so wrapped up in every day life. Lately I have been endeavouring to redress the balance, and getting out and about more, doing more of the sport I have given up on, and so on. It has only been in this exercise that I have been reminded what exactly I have achieved, and where exactly I am right now. I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I have mountains, bush and sea all within a breath of where I live. I have a beautiful home, live in a beautiful city, and have a wonderful husband and a raft of family and friends.

I am alive, I am here and now, and the world is my oyster.

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