Motivational Monday: why you should NEVER give up

image Never give up is something I have always said ,but this weekend it was illustrated perfectly in the elite women’s world triathlon championships a grand final in Edmonton Which reminded me of a race that I did too, with a similarly surprising result.

Gwen Jorgensen from America was the championship leader. It was her title to take, as long as she did well in this last race. But second place in the standings wasn’t too far behind, so it was also her title to lose.

She came out of the swim 16 seconds behind the leader, and by the end of the bike was way back in the 40’s or so position wise, and. Massive 90 seconds behind the leader. Even the commentators didn’t think she could make that back up in the 10km run that remained.

What did she do? She ran 10 seconds/km faster than the leader, and continued to do so, not only catching her but passing her and leading at the end of the race by 16 seconds. In elite racing, that is an incredible result, when all the athletes really are quite similar in ability and wins are usually marginal, based on how you tactically played the race.

It would have been easy for her to give up, with such a deficit, but she obviously continued to believe that she could do it, and by golly she did.

In my last European championships for Great Britain before I moved to New Zealand, I had a similar race end. My race report details it all, but in summary, I went into the run in third place, an incredible result for me in itself. I aimed to keep that placing, but the run was never my strong leg, so that was going to be a tough ask. I gave EVERYTHING Рhave a look at the race report to see the result.

Jus goes to show, a bit of self belief added to ‘never give up’ and you never know what might happen, beyond your wildest dreams.

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