Simple relaxation techniques to create ‘me time’

imageI have written about how to effectively make sure your sleep rituals are doing you a favour but today I want to look at relaxation.

It’s an important element of our lives but often a neglected one. Specially for someone like me who love learning and doing and struggles when I’m expected to not do anything!

What can we do for relaxation?

That is personal to you but there are some exercises you can practice to get you to a still place.

This recording was originally for concentration, but it also serves the purpose of relaxation, and helps you focus on the present moment, this alleviating stress.

I also have another exercise called the spot on the wall. Perhaps I will record that over the next few days and blog that next week.

Set yourself a ten minute ‘do nothing’ slot in your day. We are often so focused on our to do list that we forget about me time.

I have been making a concerted effort to do this myself, and will often go for a ten of fifteen minute walk when I have a spare few minutes in the day. It often doesn’t take long. Sometimes I sit on a bench in the park and just listen to the birds, watch life roll on, create inner stillness for a few minutes.

It will do you wonders, in fact it is almost like a power nap.

Make some time in your day, and create your own moment of stillness.

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