4 Run drills to improve your form

imageI found these drills on active.com and thought I would share them with you.

Perform these drills after any easy or long run, to improve your running technique. Start with 20-30 metres and progress to 70-100m as you improve. Start slowly and then progressively increase speed.

March/skip drill A

Walk slowly forward on the balls of your feet using 12- to 18-inch steps. Your heels should not touch the ground during this exercise. Raise your right knee to hip level with thigh parallel to the ground on each stride. Your right foot should be “cocked,” making your ankle and foot look like a fishhook, at the top of the leg swing, and your right ankle should be directly under or slightly behind your right knee. Your knee should be at a 90-degree angle or slightly less. Rise on the toes of the left foot, and extend the left ankle and knee as your body passes over the left foot during the walking stride. Hold your trunk upright. Swing your arms slowly in a mock running motion in rhythm with your strides. Repeat this action, raising the left knee to hip level with the left leg moving through a normal walking stride into full extension on the toes, for 20 to 40 meters. Complete these moves slowly. Progress to a skip once you’ve mastered marching.

March/skip drill B

The “B” drill emphasizes hamstring flexibility and body control, improving coordination and balance, and upgrading running posture. This skipping drill stresses the development of an active footstrike, providing the basis for improved stride length. The “B” skip is performed in the same manner as the “A” skip except you drive your leg out and back as opposed to keeping it bent at a 90-degree angle. Start with 25 meters of marching. Once this feels comfortable and balanced, perform 25 meters marching and 25 meters skipping. The marching should always proceed the skipping. Progress all the way to 75 meters of both marching and skipping.

Straight leg bound drill

The straight-leg bound drill increases your ability to generate power from the hips, hamstrings and glutes. The motion emphasized in this drill will help improve explosive power during the running stride.

Run forward by keeping your legs straight and driving through the ground with your hips and glutes. Begin by running 50 meters. Progress until you’re running 100 meters.

G drill

Improves balance and coordination, and significantly increases cadence or stride frequency. Balance for 10 seconds on each leg and then hop to the next leg while cycling your leg in a running motion. Once 10 seconds is comfortable, balance for five seconds. Perform 10 repetitions on each leg.

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