Eggs are good for you, right?

imageWhy you just can’t stop eating was an article that I spotted in the daily mail today. It’s worth a look, and there are some good (and some odd) points. But the one I am going to pick on is their suggestions to eat eggs for breakfast.

They aren’t wrong that protein helps you feel fuller for longer, but eggs also have a high level of fat, and a high level of cholesterol. For that reason, they are one of the first things that you re advised to avoid if you re suspected to have gall stones, for example.

A client of mine (like most of us) thought that eggs were a great source of protein and. Good alternative for vegetarians, until they received a high cholesterol reading in a health check. They are not overweight (far from it in fact!) and are extremely active and fit. All this in mind, yes, they were quite shocked.

Eggs are a great breakfast, but please be careful no limit your intake to 4 eggs per week absolute maximum.

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