Work optional, would you?

imageThis is a dead easy daily post to answer: Hell no!

If money was no object, no I wouldn’t work. I often joke that I have far too many hobbies I want to do that work simply gets in the way of it all! I need someone to pay me to not work!

What would I do with my time?

I would travel, this planet is vast, too much to see it all in a lifetime. There’s so many places I want to visit. I wish money was no object! I would love to visit Indonesia and see a real gamelan. I would love to visit Japan, and visit both the islands. I want to see more of Australia (I’m in the best spot now for that at least!) and HAVE to visit Hawaii, that’s simply a must!

I haven’t seen Niagra Falls, or the Grand Canyon. I have never been to Canada, I have relations there. I would visit friends and family, I have them scattered all across the world.

There’s so many places to visit, and that didn’t even mention anywhere in New Zealand! Life isn’t long enough!

If I wasn’t doing that, I would exercise, just for fun. Cycling, rowing, swimming, perhaps learn to ski, have a go at proper tramping, do one of the South Island great walks. I would volunteer, at some of the local charities, I would launch myself into gardening, DIY and renovation. I would read, find courses to do, I would even have time to write a book. That’s an ambition of mine too. Perhaps more than one. I might even take up some of the craft hobbies I used to have, and maybe some new ones that I haven’t had time from like card making, for example.

I would build my own house, well, design it at least and have someone build it for me! I would move and live right next to the sea, looking out onto the waves, where I can see mum whispering to me in the wind. I would buy a camper van and drive off on our hippy camper van travels. I would buy a holiday home in America, somewhere nice and not. I’m not exactly sure where, there’s so many beautiful places.

Would I still work? Hell no, I wouldn’t have time!

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