Making my own book of positivity

imageI have had Dr Kerry Spackman’s ‘the winner’s bible’ for a while but haven’t really committed serious time to reading all of it. I decided now was a good time.

He talks about being able to re-wire your brain. As psychology and NLP run quite close together I was interested. The books guides you through making your own ‘winners bible’ and I had started one but not finished it. 

My bible us photo based mostly, as thats how I work, through visual and kinaesthetic. I have the following sections:

  • This is a mind map of my life, all elements. I used the app ‘simple mind‘ for this. It’s purpose is to illustrate all elements of your life so you have a visual. To check if you are taking care of ALL of it, or focussing too much on certain elements at the expense of others.
  • My happy section This is a few pages if images that represent all the things about my life at the moment that I actually like/ love / enjoy. These are a visual reminder at the front of my book because I know that I can often get consumed in smaller details without remembering the bigger picture.
  • Photos of family and friends visual reminders of those that are important to me
  • Photos of my heros and mentors People who have or continue to inspire me.
  • My personal development goals Things I want to ultimately achieve in my life
  • My strengths and weaknesses and repeated mistakes To help me fill this in I enlisted the help of 5 family members / friends. It is important to get a balanced view here. This page was a very interesting exercise.
  • Unshakeable belief in myself It is important – if you don’t believe in you, there no one else to do it for you! This is a mixture of images and goals
  • Carpe Diem Am I seizing the day? This is a series of questions I intend to revise as I use my bible.
  • My intrinsic Drivers. Kerry details a great exercise to find out what theses truly are.
  • My career goals I put this further back because it is less important to me in the grand scheme of things right now.
  • Photos of material goods These are things I would like to own. Reality not fantasy.
  • My Wheel of life. This is a snapshot of where I am now, dated, and intended for revision also.
  • Poems and quotes That are important to me.

This entire book is intended for constant review and updating. It is meant to be a working document.

I call call it my personal book of positivity.

Great book, I’ll let you know how I go. Meanwhile, if you want to make your own, visit his web site because there is a neat little a5 template there for you to download. 

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