Textures of trees

IMG_2512I knew immediately when I saw this photo challenge, what photo I wanted to use.

This is a close up of a tree in my local park. I actually took it a few days ago, because I am fascinated by the bark textures of old trees, of cabbage trees, specially gum trees (eucalyptus) which look like they are ‘peeling’. They are all so very different.


2 Comments on “Textures of trees

  1. The textures are amazing and the colouring of the bark quite unusual. This particular challenge has forced me to look at everything around me with a totally different perspective; sometimes closer, sometimes further away but always with a keener eye for texture. Thanks for sharing this awesome photo. I definitely like! 🙂

  2. Thank you 🙂 Sometimes a slightly different angle creates a whole different picture. I often crouch down low, under things, take what seems like random pictures, and I no longer care about the funny looks that I get! Close ups are my current favourite, I love the challenge of making a photo out of what seems like nothing!

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