Review: The 7 minute workout app

7 min workout appToday was a wild day, both in a literal (weather) sense, and a work (busy) sense. I didn’t get my usual 10 minute stroll, because of a long meeting, resulting in me getting out of work after dusk, by which time it was hammering down! 

So, I’m off to be social this evening instead, that can be my relaxation. BUT, I am still doing well on the squeeze in the exercise front. This evening between getting in from work and going out again (bingo, in an Irish bar of all things!) I squashed in a 7 minute workout. I have used this app before, but it got a little repetitive (I just use the free workout) and it sends you reminders if you don’t use it every day, which get annoying. It also works on an ‘earn hearts’ system, which if you don’t use it every day, you lose. In app purchases can allow you to extent the workout varieties and buy back your hearts  – i.e. cheat if you miss a few days!!

7 min workout appAll that aside, its a neat wee app. You can choose the voice that talks to you, and you are timed for the exercises and the rests between. Quite neat if you need an ‘at home’ injection of motivation.

I did, however struggle to find a step though for my step ups, living in a house that is all one level!

Of course, it allows you to share your achievements across your social networks easily too.

Today’s wee workout squashed in. Tick. 🙂

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