Exercise and me time: busy Tuesday

image Well, just 24 hours after I resurface to the world from my mystery pit, I am already doing well on my two goals. I managed both! 

After a hectic day at work, I could have just gone home and drunk coffee. Instead I stopped and went for a short walk in Queens Park, sitting by the duck pond for a while listening to the peace, and the sounds of nature. I love that I can do that, right in the middle of the city.

imageAfter arriving home (after 6:30pm, it was already dark) I decided that a good short exercise bout, to complete my two targets would be TRX. Or more specifically, my equally useful slightly lower priced Z Trainer.

I have a basic bank of exercises I know, but this piece of kit I know is under-utilised by me, so I googled for some ideas and found this really helpful site, which details 45 ‘insanely effective TRX workouts‘.

With a nice long list to choose from, I opted for some shoulders, arms, legs and plank. 30 mins or so in total. A good start, even managed some short term pain!

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