Exercising patience: a test of time

20140805-231037-83437558.jpgIt’s been a big challenge this week, being ill. I frankly I lost momentum, then it tell myself, I am the commander of my future, so how could I?

Just before I became ill, I was attempting to restore balance in my life by squeezing exercise in when I could, and in effect, re-exercising my time management skills, and it was going well. Then I got flu.

The end. Everything ends. I was really sick, and I don’t ‘do’ sick! It not only tested my patience but that of my long suffering husband too. But, a week later, I am back on the mend, I have my throat back (almost) and my nose it but a chapped remnant of what it once was! I return to work tomorrow, and the whole thing starts again, at 100mph!

My goals:

  • Find ‘me’ time in every day, even if I a can’t fit a mini walk in, something at least to help me create stillness.
  • Fit some exercise in at least 4 times a week. It’s not ideal, coming down from a team GB style 12 sessions a week at my peak, but it’s a start.

Here goes, take 2!

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