Dealing with Hypoglycaemia

imageNot something I expect to have to deal with as part of my working day, but having been a high level athlete, at least I knew the signs.

Do you?

early warning signs
Feeling cold and shivery even when it’s not cold.
Flushed in the face but cold extremities
Light headed
Sick (feeling not actual)
Feeling weak

I had an helluva long day at work today, no lunch break (I grabbed a small bite to eat at some stage but that was all). With still a few hours to go at work, I started to feel unwell. I knew that there was something not right, but I had no more food left on me.

Do you know what to do if you get like this? I have experienced it in the latter stages of a race, never outside of race conditions though.

Eat high GI quick release carbs, as soon as you can. Luckily I made it home and my husband was on hand. I ate a cheese and ham sandwich, ate a carb bar and some chocolate, and drank two sugary coffees with milk in (bleurgh!) I began to feel less sick around 1hour- 90 mins later. A very long recovery time actually, meaning I was very very sugar depleted.

Gatorade or some similar sports drink would be good, if you’re feeling too ill for food. Sit with some warmth and take it easy. Keep drinking fluids.

The following morning I am still feeling a wee bit weak and still have that headache, a sign I’m still a bit dehydrated. So I will just keep drinking.

Avoid coffee / tea, they will dehydrate, usually. Sugar and fat was its function for me.

Take care of yourself, and heed early warning signs. Don’t let yourself get so ill that you struggle to eat, like I did.

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