Moments of kindness: lending more than a hand

This post instantly gives me a clear picture of what I would write about: the early days of arrival in New Zealand, not knowing anyone, and all the work colleagues in the place I was working offered to lend me an entire house full of furniture. 

I had just arrived, I was looking for a house in preparation for my husband arriving, after the UK house sale was completed. Our furniture would be in transit for 3 months, in a shipping container. Originally I was going to look for a furnished rental, but the people that I worked with told me to not be so crazy, they could lend me some stuff.

And they did, an entire house full. It included

  • bed
  • washing machine
  • sofa and chairs
  • dining table and chairs
  • TV
  • freeview box
  • bedside cabinets
  • lamp
  • bedding
  • towels
  • kitchen utensils

Absolutely incredible. I was overwhelmed by the kindness to such a newcomer. I am still good friends with many of those people, even though I no longer work there. Some of the loan items I still have, because they ‘didn’t want them back.

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