Swim sprints: getting the mojo back

It doesn’t matter what way you motivate yourself, as long as you know how to do that. Its interesting that I was absolutely fine when I was being sent the instructions from my coach, and now I AM the coach, I need to get it somewhere else.

It also doesn’t help that I found out today that the triathlon world champs grand final, which I was wishing would go the USA the whole time I was on the GB team, is going there next year, after being in Canada this year. That hardly seems fair!!

I am still going to be able to fulfil my dream, at least in part, by being the swimmer in a team Challenge Wanaka next year. That in itself is pretty cool, so I have some motivation in that regard at least.

So after a lot of time simply swimming lengths, I was pressed for time the other day and decided to do sprints. 50m x 10. A fraction of what I used to do, so I was not expecting the result to be quite as rubbish as it actually turned out to be! After the first 6, I fell off the wagon, so to speak!!

Today, I was short of time again. I swim before work but I had set off to the pool without the goggles and hat, and as I refuse to be a neck up breast stroker, I went back for them. I was able to have a lane to myself at the diving pool end of the swimming pool on the other side of the bulk head, I consider that to be a bonus, as it is usually booked out by the local swimming club.

I decided to try the sprints again. This time I was aiming for all ten to be within 1 second of each other.

How did I do?

Well, until no 10, I managed that!! WOHOO! But, number ten was 2 seconds behind, not one. darn it!! Still, way better than the last effort.

Perhaps I simply need to learn how to hurt again!!

Remember, you can always do a TINY BIT MORE than you think.





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