Fitting training into your day: a few top tips

Garden turbo! It’s fair to say its been a tough phase at work lately. On top of the three P/T courses that I am doing, I don’t have a lot of time to spare for anything else. Thus lately, training has taken a back seat, which isn’t good. How to fit it back in? 
I found myself getting reminders from my husband on how to do this, which made me realise how many bad habits I had gained, and was passing off as ‘ok’. So how do I get the balance back, and stop work from taking over? Well work is work, it pays the bills and helps the world go round, so I can’t alter that, but I can alter the rest of life.

  • Use spare time better. If you cannot fit in the 90 min ride that you wanted to fit, then use the time you have effectively, sprint speed, endurance sets, get a SUFFERFEST out, even if you haven’t got time for all of it. REVOLVER is short, and hard! (An early sufferfest video). Today, the daylight time was short so I put the turbo in the garden on the deck, much more interesting. 🙂
  • Do you pass by the gym to or from work? Then pop in, even if it’s 20 mins. Gym work doesn’t have to take all evening. When I was at the height of my triathlon career, I didn’t spend more than 20 mins on strength work at a time. Hard and short is way better than hundreds of reps. It keeps metabolism high too, and body fat down.
  • TRX / Z trainer. Get one. Brilliant home strength kit for times when you have a spare the minutes. I often strap mine round a tree in the garden when it’s dry, way more interesting.
  • Walking IS ok. As long as it’s not a stroll to the corner and back with a chocolate bar! I’m going to take this up more, as I can no longer run and haven’t found a successful replacement.
  • SAD lamp, specially if you are on shifts or in winter. Helps to engage your body clock when you get up.

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