A shock GOLD to end the season!

20140617-201313-72793557.jpgWhat a shock this was! I went back to work today after a few days off, unwell, and this was in my pigeon hole.

I won this in the South Island Masters regatta, women’s novice single sculls. I seriously thought I was last in that race! I wrote about the races back at the start of June, and said the same thing then. The race I thought we got a gold in was the 5000m women’s quad! Have a read of that one, it was super close! The delivery of one Gold tells me we didn’t win it after all!

But it’s the singles race that shocked me! I was keen to get into a novice singles race to firstly lay the demon fears to rest (singles is very scary!) and because I am only a novice till the season starts again later in the year.

I remember laughing off the comments from the other novices congratulating me, I convinced myself the crashes made me last place.

What a pleasant surprise that I was wrong!

Not a bad season record when you look at all the results! 😀 Four firsts and 8 second places! WOW!

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