Worlds colliding: the UK, but not!

imageThis has been my downfall since I arrived in New Zealand: assuming I know things, but in fact it’s the same, but not.

Just because you’re from an equally English speaking left side driving country doesn’t mean it’s the same!

Here are a few examples.

Mousetrap. No, not something for catching rodents, it is in effect, Kiwi cheese on toast with some type of added topping.

Lollies. No, not something with a stick that kids like, they are in fact ‘sweets’ in individual wrappers, jellies, whatever shape they come in, but NOT with a stick, because those are called lollipops!

Manchester. This is no longer the name of a place, it is in fact the collective word for bedding and soft furnishings!

Chips, and hot chips. The first time I was asked did I want hot chips I thought ‘well, I don’t want them cold!’ Hot chips are chips from a fish and chip shop, and chips are in fact crisps.

There are many more, but these are the ones that spring to mind, and that I encounter the most!

New Zealand: like the UK, but not!

5 Comments on “Worlds colliding: the UK, but not!

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  4. We had these struggles with my English relatives for years. But we lived here and not in the UK, so only my ageing grandmother refused to give way. It was always a sweet to her.

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