CSC Muddy Buddy 2014

Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 9.08.38 PMI did this ‘race’ last year, it was immediately after I arrived and I was roped into it. Somehow this year I got TALKED into it: it was going to be interesting for someone who hasn’t run for a year!

It was on a pizza and beer evening with friends that this all occurred. It very quickly developed into a lads v lasses challenge, I am still not sure why I agreed – someone who can’t run, doesn’t run, been told not to run any longer!

Anyway, this was not the same race at all compared to last year – totally different location and course, and it seems, they have upped the anty. A lot more obstacles than before, and a lot more competitors than before.

We had a girls and a guys team, 4 in each, wearing the respective pink and blue. I honestly didn’t know how I’d go, or if I’d be ok, even. My team knew I might need help though, but were, nonetheless, very competitive. The start was very much delayed by a bottleneck at the first major obstacle – a short jog and a cargo net crawl away, there was a ‘creek’ to navigate with big steep banks either side. On the top of the other side were the boys, who decided to go for sabotage and pushed our first team mate back down the slope into the creek!

It was very obvious to me right away that no amount of other types of training would ever compensate for lack of running. Fitness wasn’t my issue, strength and support was. I could easily catch my team at most of the obstacles where I would find th squealing in horror at what faced them next! The hay bales I had to climb, planks I had to walk, shoulder height creeks I had to wade through or the manure I had to crawl through didn’t phase me at all. It was the pesky running in between them that was giving me the issue!

Still, the squeals from the others was ensuring that we got well and truly soaked each time we passed someone with a hose!

All in all, thoroughly good fun, I made it to the end and wasn’t in anywhere near as much pain as I expected afterwards.

I even won a ‘muddy buddy’ beanie as a spot prize!

The others really enjoyed it too, much more than they expected I think.

A superb event, run by a local high school as a sports fundraiser. What a brilliant idea!


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