Controlling leg speed: turbo sprints

imageRecovery was needed this morning, from a hard long week. So, I decided on a mid morning turbo rather than an early morning row. I could have gone cycling outside, but I decided to use the turbo so I could work on leg speed, something that’s hard to do outside with all the other natural factors.

I used the Sufferfest ‘violator’ which includes around 65 sprints inside around an hour. I keep the gear the same, and increase the speed using my legs, akin to the restrictions you have on a track bike.

The aim was 100rpm ah least, on average, with an increased sprint speed of between 130 – 150rpm. The sprints are all under 30 seconds so this is definitely doable, if I stay focused. At this speed, the pedalling technique is important in in order to maximise speed. It took some concentrating. I don’t know how those pro’s manage that kind of RPM all the time! ‘Ankling’ and the full pedal stroke are vital, to maintain speed at a high rpm. Hard work, which is why I do it indoors.

Stilll, I managed all my targets, and had this wonderful view too!

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