Using the day wisely

20140605-214646-78406877.jpgI usually wake at 5am. I train at 7pm. Why’s that, I asked myself today. I waste a couple of hours each morning (apart from the days I swim) and resent training taking up the evening.

It’s winter, it’s dark when I leave for work, it’s dark when I return. Very dark. No street lights at all kinda dark. So I need to use my time better.

Today I managed to persuade myself to get up and turbo. A pitch black walk down the garden, a strict time schedule and work at 8am means if I get up at 5:30am and am on the bike by 6am I only have 45 mins tops before I should be getting ready to go to work. So how do I use that time? Sufferfest sprints or something – for sure. Short and hard is the way forward in order to maximise my time and the benefits.

This means I arrive at work feeling better. I got home today from work, and the hairdressers feeling way better about how my day went. I definitely feel more positive with exercise to start the day.

Endorphins – use them to make your tomorrow better.


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