Earth Day: Nasa release the videos!

GlobalSelfieMosiac_highBack in April, I took part in the NASA Earth Day global selfie event, which involved printing a sheet off the nasa site and taking a selfie of where you were on the earth that day.

My original blog shows the two photos that I took, one by the Invercargill water tower and the other by the Feldwick Gates, at the front of Queens Park, in the centre of the city. 
Nasa said they were going to release media of the event afterwards, and i just remembered recently to take a look. I didn’t expect, for a moment, that I would find me among the thousands and thousands of photos I expect that they were sent.

They have released several little youtube videos and a Gigipan image of the earth, made of up a mosaic of over 36,000 global selfie photos submitted to various online media sites during the event. Its a pretty amazing thing, you can zoom in and look at each individual photo!! No, I haven’t looked closely till I found myself, so if you do, let me know.

Click on the image at the top of this blog to go to the original site, which is fully interactive, and zoomable.

That was not all. I also found this little video, can you spot me? They used the Feldwick Gates photo – how cool! I put Invercargill on the map! Look out for me around 1 minute 28 into the video.


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