Dropping stuff at the deep end!

20140603-074244-27764448.jpgWhat do you do when you aren’t wearing contact lenses and drop the nose clip in the 4m end of the lane?

You wave it goodbye, that’s what! Not exactly how I expected my swim to start. I had two choices, only 100m into my swim set: go home, or get on with it.

It’s not like I CAN’T swim without it, I just seriously prefer not to. And I was looking forward to being able to swim at the diving end of the 50m bulkhead for a change!

So on I went – telling myself it’s OK, just keep breathing out! I soon got the hang of it, except when I had to turn at the end of each length! I did not particularly get the hang of that! (And purchased another nose clip at the desk on my way out!)

Still, the view is different at that end of the pool. On one side I had a lane that had two synchro swimmers in it- practicing synchro as well as swimming up and down. Pretty impressive how they do all that underwater pirouetting!

Then, on my other side were the aqua joggers! (And the rest of the synchro squad beyond that, with a women knocking a submerged pole in time while coaching them.)

Fun and games! It’s a wonder I remembered to swim up and down!

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