There’s always more: training tips Wednesday

20140528-212839-77319477.jpg I went to the rowing club on Monday evening, knowing it would be an indoor row. It wouldn’t take much to dissuade me from it. I even considered going home and not actually going inside the building.

When I was just about to drive off, having not even got out of the car, someone hollered. Damn. I would have to go in now.

I have always been someone who trains alone, but I was reminded how, occasionally others can help you to get the best out of you. I got an erg out and began rowing, one ugh either side of me. During this time, the juniors set up behind us. Then in came another masters rower. There was no chance to get another machine out, now there were 6 more behind us. The guy who had just walked in suggested we take turns to do sprints. Nope. No way. I had pulled off a negative split 4km and was ready for going.

He managed to persuade me to do 2 x 500m sprints, he and the other guy still remaining, did 3.

Never underestimate what you have in your reserve tanks. I went form going home, to two decent 500m pace splits. Other equalled the one I had done the other day- I suppose an equal PB (1:47min).

There’s always more than you think.

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